A Shape of Things to Come

Welcome to my blog! My name is Jason, and I am Software Test Engineer based out of Fabulous Las Vegas.

This blog exists to serve two purposes: To document my learning journey and to potentially help others. The content of this blog is professional in nature; you won’t find entries about hiking in Red Rock Canyon or my affection for off-road Tacomas. What you will find is a mixture of technical and non-technical professional tips targeted at test automators and toolsmiths. Much of the non-technical content can be consumed by anyone interested in professional improvement. The majority of technical content will include examples using Microsoft tools and technologies. That being said, many tips can be applied across platforms and toolsets. All content will follow a problem-solution format. A problem will be presented, and a tip will provide a solution. Some entries may be longer than others, but my goal is to keep content in bite-size chunks.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you find the content useful.