Software Career Development Books

You want to improve your career as a programmer and don’t know which books to read.

Classics: Apprenticeship Patterns, The Pragmatic Programmer, and The Passionate Programmer.
Newcomers: Soft Skills, and The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide.

Read a mixture of classic and new material. Apprenticeship Patterns is targeted at inexperienced programmers. However, experienced programmers can learn a great deal from its lessons. This book helped me cope with unrealistic expectations I’d set on myself. The Pragmatic Programmer is essential reading for any developer. The 70+ tips are my favorite takeaway from this title. The Passionate Programmer posits the idea that developers should view their careers as business ventures. This book made me think differently about work. Soft Skills and The Complete Software Developer’s Career Guide are both written by John Sonmez. Soft Skills contains valuable information on topics seldom covered in tech books. His ten-step process for rapid learning was my favorite part.

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