Benefits of TypeScript

You’re wondering if it’s worth it to use TypeScript. You want to know the benefits.

The benefits of using TypeScript are:

• A compilation step
• Strong or static typing
• Type definitions for popular JavaScript libraries
• Encapsulation
• Private and public member variable decorators

TypeScript will compile your code and generate errors that would traditionally have been missed until the JavaScript was executed. JavaScript is a dynamic language that allows variables to change their type on-the-fly. TypeScript, on the other hand, is strongly typed and does not allow the type of a variable to change. This, too, helps identify preventable bugs. For many popular JavaScript libraries, there are definition files (.d.ts) that impose strong typing on them. TypeScript provides a more traditional and easier way to define classes for encapsulation. TypeScript classes generate closures. TypeScript also provides methods for marking class variables as private, something that’s not available in pure JavaScript.

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