GetHashCode Method Immutability

You want to know if it’s okay that the value returned by an overridden GetHashCode method changes.

No, it’s not okay. The value returned by the method must not change over the object’s lifetime.

There are a couple of things you can do to ensure the hash value of an object doesn’t change. You can combine the hash codes of two or more immutable fields and return a constant value. Or, you can evaluate a random value at conception and store it in a private field. You’ll want to avoid calling the Object.GetHashCode method when overriding GetHashCode. Rather, evaluate the hash code by combining the values and hash codes of fields.


public class Account {
    // These values are immutable after the object has been created.
    // They would be properties in a real-world app.
    public readonly string Name;
    public readonly string Type;

    private int hashCode;

    public Account(string name, string type) {
        this.Name = name;
        this.Type = type;
        // Accounts with the same name and type also have identical hash codes.
        // Use bitwise XOR to avoid overflow.
        hashCode = name.GetHashCode() ^ type.GetHashCode();

    public override int GetHashCode() {
        return hashCode;

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