Overloading Equals in Value Types

You want to know how to handle the Equals method when implementing a structure.

When implementing value types like structures, you’ll want to overload the Equals method. Define both instance and static versions and make them take typed arguments.

Typed versions of the Equals method improve performance by avoiding boxing. The ValueType.Equals method, which all value types inherit, is inefficient. That’s because the base method uses reflection to compare all fields. Additionally, if you override the Equals method, you should override the GetHashCode method along with the == and != operators.


public struct Point {
    // Properties in a real-world app.
    public readonly double xAxis;
    public readonly double yAxis;

    public Point(double x, double y) {
        this.xAxis = x;
        this.yAxis = y;

    // Strongly-typed version of the instance method.
    public bool Equals(Point point) {
        return this.xAxis == point.xAxis && this.yAxis == point.yAxis;

    // Strongly-typed version of the static method.
    public static bool Equals(Point pointOne, Point pointTwo) {
        return pointOne.xAxis == pointTwo.xAxis && pointOne.yAxis == pointTwo.yAxis;

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