Validating Enum Values

Should non-bit-coded enum values be validated when passed to properties or methods as arguments?

Yes, always validate these values.

Why? Using an enum parameter only guarantees the value being passed in is an integer. It doesn’t guarantee the value is one of the constants defined in the enum, and it’s possible to define invalid enum values. For example:

DayOfTheWeek dayOfWeek = (DayOfTheWeek) 100;

Here’s an example of how to properly implement a property that takes and returns enum members with no invalid values.

private DayOfTheWeek weekDay = DayOfTheWeek.Sunday;

public DayOfTheWeek WeekDay {
    get {
        return weekDay;
    set {
        if ( value < DayOfTheWeek. Sunday || value > DayOfTheWeek.Saturday ) {
            throw new ArgumentException("Invalid day of the week.");
        weekDay = value;

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