Naming Variables and Functions in JavaScript

How should I name variables and functions in JavaScript?

You want to ensure that variables are camelCase and begin with nouns. Function and method names also need to be camelCase but begin with verbs.

Attempt to make variables as short as possible without sacrificing meaning. Try to name them according to their data type. For example, age is a number. You want to avoid meaningless names, and reserve single-character variables such as i and j for use in loops.


// Good names for variables.
var length = 12;
let firstName = "Jason";
let pageLoaded = false;

// Use can, has, and is verbs for functions that return booleans.
function canDownload() {
    return true;

function hasAccess() {
    return false;

function isAuthorized() {
    return true;

// Use get verb for functions that return non-boolean values.
function getAge() {
    return age;

// Use set verb for functions that save values.
function setLanguage(name) {

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